Asmita Towers Bucharest – COMPLETED 2009

Apartment buildings & collective housing



Bucharest, Romania

The project is about individual and collective, about identity and universality, about “I-ness” (the meaning of the word ‘Asmita’ in Yoga philosophy) and society. Because of the size (150,000 sq m) and location (at the intersection of the city’s ring road with the boulevard along the river Dambovita), this project has an urban scale and, inevitably, a massive presence. It’s a city with 765 apartments, for a population of around 2,500 persons. By the other hand, each of the seven towers with 18, 22 or 26 floors may contain up to three different floor plans, respectively different combinations of five apartment types, with three different finish levels, each of them in up to six different finish schemes. In other words 90 different combinations were accommodated on a rigid canvas of primary shapes (the square, insistently used for the plans), strong architectural principles (functionality, solar control, energy saving, etc), elementary colors, and a robust structural solution (“Tube-In-Tube”).