Apartments Bakirkoy Istanbul

Apartment buildings & collective housing



The premise of the project is to demolish the existing 120 apartments and build a secure gated community, where the 120 apartment owners will receive new and larger three bedroom units that are earthquake resistant. The development will include social functions and an underground parking garage. The project will observe the maximum height, coverage and all other applicable zoning requirements along with those required for LEED Gold Certificate.

The Development
The project proposes the construction of two rows of nine buildings each, along Gulbahce and Bingul streets, separated by a common green area. Each building has 4 levels above ground, a partial fifth floor penthouse and one floor underground. A two story underground parking garage is located under each row of buildings. All 18 buildings have an identical floor distribution, with a central core serving two apartments.

The project’s main objectives were the integration in the neighborhood’s urban fabric, the use of natural ground for a central green area, and the creation of a distinct, self contained and a secure residential zone.
The buildings configuration, mass and spacing relates closely to the structure and scale of the close neighborhood, but even of the larger one, set between the Mental Institution and the Hippodrome. While the height and coverage are imposed by a zoning regulation, which prevents the construction of very massive buildings, their proportions are determined by the number of apartments per floor. The typical structure in the area has two to maximum four apartments per level, serviced by a centrally located core that contains the vertical circulation. This typology is used in the project, with two apartments per floor, facilitating for each a triple exposure. This configuration allows all the living rooms to face the central green zone, an introverted policy that gives coherence and continuity to the community. At the same time, the assemblage of individual buildings allows views from the Central Green area towards the neighborhood, including the Park. The buildings follow suite, stepped in order to have the ground floor one meter above the sidewalk and thus taking advantage of the zoning provision which allows residential use in the basement.
The Central Green area, is set on natural ground, as the underground garage being limited to the buildings’ footprint. This strategy permits total landscaping freedom in choosing the size and type of vegetation. Existing large trees on the site can be replanted in the new green central space. The underground pool’s roof is integrated in the green zone, which follows the natural slope of the site.

Access and Circulation
A secure perimeter around the development is formed by a wall, which also houses greenery. Main pedestrian circulation is along the Central Green Area, where access points are defined to the buildings and social facilities. Two security gates, at the eastern and western end of the development, one on Yuce Tarla Street and the other on Incirli Street, control the pedestrian access to the site. Two other card controlled gates are set on Bingul and GulBahce Streets, one for each half of the site, allowing access for the maintenance of the perimeter garden and for emergencies. Finally, two more card controlled gates are located on Bakir Street, on the opposite end of the main security gates, facilitating access directly from the street that divides the development.
Two ramps service the two independent sections of the underground parking garage. One is located close to the intersection of GulBahce SK and Yuce Tarla Cd, servicing the western section of the garage, while the other is set at the intersection of GulBahce Cd and Incirli Cd, serving its eastern component. Access from the garage to the apartment buildings occurs via the central cores’ stairs and elevators that open at each parking level.

The Apartments
All owners’ 120, 3 bedroom apartments are identical both in configuration as in size. They are located, two apartments per floor on levels one to three, on all 18 buildings and one of the two apartments per floor, at the fourth level of six buildings. The configuration of these apartments, while using the triple exposure for natural light and ventilation, minimize the exposure towards the eastern or western neighboring buildings, as only the kitchen and one window of the smaller bedroom have openings in those directions. The living rooms face the Central Green while the master bedrooms face the back courtyards towards GulBahce ad Bingul Sk. The net area of these apartments is 114.5 sm.
The developer will get 88 apartments, which are mostly on ground, 1st basement and penthouse levels. Total number of apartments in the development is 208.

The Social Functions
The social functions are integrated on the Central Green’s configuration. The indoor pool’s green roof is set at the same elevation with the natural ground, facilitating the continuity of landscape. The first basement is reached by a ramp, “scooped” in the Central Green. The pool splits the sport / exercise and the cafeteria / entertainment functions. These are set on the southern and respective northern sides of the pool, under the apartment buildings’ footprint. Two sunken courtyards are used for access and outdoor space for the gym and cafeteria. They are similar to the sunken courtyards that border each building and bring natural light to the lower level apartments. The pool is naturally lit by skylights that become on the roof, part of the general landscape.

Parking and Service
The parking garage is structured on two floors, with a total capacity of 414 cars. This number will allow two parking spaces per apartment and 14 spaces for visitors. Each building has the number of parking spaces for its apartments, plus two visitor spaces set around the building’s core, with easy access to the vertical circulation. Also around each building core are organized the storage areas for the apartments.
The garbage chutes, are open to a garbage room located behind the stairs, in the first garage level. From there, the garbage is transported to a central collection area, at sidewalk level, next to each vehicular access ramp, via a service elevator.  A central boiler plant shall service the entire development. Its location is set under the pool, and is accessible from the sunken courtyard next to the management offices.
The air conditioning is centralized for each building, with the chillers located on the roof. Individual fan coil units will service the apartments. They will be located in the dropped ceilings above corridors, bathrooms or kitchens, servicing from there the main rooms of the apartment.

Exterior and Interior Finishes
The apartment buildings are clad with cement composite panels (Swiss Pearl, or similar). The windows will be configured with aluminum profile frames and insulated, Low E, energy efficient glass panels. The combination between the uniformity of the exterior panels and variety obtained through the volumetric composition and the rhythm of alternate buildings will create both a sense of community and a particular expression for the apartment buildings.
The interior finishes will follow the recommendations contained in the brief. The lobbies will be clad with marble and wood panels, the bathrooms with marble or reconstituted ceramic tiles, the floors in the living rooms and bedrooms will be covered with first quality wood flooring.

The project targets a LEED Gold Certification. Among the sustainable measures to be taken in design are:
Green Roofs, which will be installed on the flat, public sections of each building’s roof.
Green Central area, which is set on natural ground, avoiding hard surface rain water runoff.
Solar panels, installed on the south facing sloped roof of each building will support the production of domestic hot water and other electrical needs.
Sustainable materials will be used throughout the construction. The glazing units will be low emissivity and will have a shading coefficient smaller than 0,40 on the south orientation.