Iride Master Plan Bucharest

Urban Planning



International Limited Competition, First Prize, Bucharest, Romania, 2014

This urban design competition, organized by the Austrian group Immofinanz, concerned the company’s 16 ha. site, located in the Pipera section of Bucharest. This northern area of the city became in the recent years a center of commercial development with numerous office buildings being constructed around the site. The competition program called for approx. 400,000 sq.m. development (300,000 sq.m. office, 70,000 sq.m. residential 30,000 sq.m. retail and hotel), in stages over the next 20 years. The site is presently occupied by one and two story office ane manufacturing/storage buildings.

The principal aspects of the project are:

Phasing the development upon practical principles: keeping profitable buildings in place as much as possible; postponing the construction on best plots for better times.
Preserving the connections of the development with the City, as accessibility, visibility, utilities.
Inventing Points of Interest for the main area of the development: Iride Lake and Garden and the “Landmark” Building, connected by the Boulevard and the Park.
Using only building types of highest performance as profitability, as floor area, number of floors, and modulation.