Tomis Mall Constanta – COMPLETED 2008




Constanta, Romania, 2006 – 2007

Tomis Mall is the result of the renovation and expansion of the old Tomis department store in the center of Constanţa. The building has three underground parking levels and a three-level volume that opens two sides of the existing store into a mall-type structure. The food-court and multiplex areas of the complex are housed by the top floor of the existing structure and the top two levels of the addition. At the exterior, the image intends to authentically express a commercial container, but tries to avoid a «mono-block» technological perception. The composition is created by three interlocking volumes of different cladding and color. The mall program imposed a mostly solid volume of a complex contextuality  with the eclectic and fragmentary nature of the surrounding urban fabric. The building becomes, by contrast, a point of reference and scale for the surrounding neighborhood.